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I’m in Confusion,
I have two ways in front of me. What should I select? I want to go master’s, But all of a sudden, I got a job. I’ve applied for both. I thought I can get only one. A strange situation, a sudden surprise, I got two. I’m stuck in the situation. If I work here, I’ll get experience and promotion well. If I study, I can gain more knowledge, And Companies like to select a master’s degree over a bachelor’s degree. I’m a little confused What to select now? My father suggested me work here. My mom suggested me to go for the master’s.

Please suggest, a better idea to me in the comment box. I hope it will be very helpful to me.

My Dream

I want to study abroad,
Everyone scolding me don’t behave like fraud,
It’s my dream,
People commented on this extreme,
Know your status,
They are laughing at us,
It’s tied with money,
I’m unable to pay any,
I don’t know why,
Life examining me high,
My heart saying you have to do,
Society poking me, how can you,
I wished for something,
I’m left with nothing,
I’m not a dope,
I’ll never lose my hope,
Fate is about to play,
I have to find a way,
It’s a big wish,
It’s my only bliss,
We manage our time to optimize,
The dream never compromise,
I will try,
Even it’s a failure. I don’t cry,
I will not quit,
Until I reach it.

What makes us sad?

Do you know what makes you sad?
The people around you, the society, what makes you sad?
Nothing and no one can make you sad. You are solely responsible. Rumors, criticizers are everywhere. Where ever you go, everyone tries to make fun of you. They want to disturb your happy life by complaining. But when you accept them, you will lose your patience.

A small example, I don’t have a smartphone at the time of my graduation. Everyone in my class owns a smartphone. Everyone started suggested me to buy a smartphone. Few people have costly phones show off in front. Even cousins make fun that you are unable to buy a smartphone.

I just smiled and replied, ” I will buy a smartphone with my salary.”
People try to criticize me about financial issues. I’m not worried at all. I don’t want to ask my parents to buy it for me. I don’t want to hurt them. They gave me a lot.

Without a smartphone, do you think I can’t complete my graduation? I have completed my graduation without a smartphone. I’ve got good grades. And I’m happy that even though everyone has more facilities than me. I still scored more than them. It’s an achievement to me.

That day I felt, Stay happy with what you have. Buy the things on your own, Make your parents feel proud, No need to impress society.

Never let society decide your life. Find your happiness in your things. Don’t get sad by the rumors.

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What’s your opinion on digital classes?

Digital classes online: Nowadays, parents show interest in those schools. But have you ever noticed that it decreases imagination? When people don’t know how to imagine then, how can they do miracles?

For example, let us consider an English lesson. “A bird flying in the sky” is a sentence. They display an image of a specific bird. So they try to remember the bird’s color.

If it is the biology class, We have images like animal cells, amoeba, plant cells, and many. Every picture is given in a specific color so that kids can with color identify the names. Let’s consider the structure of a plant cell and its organelles. Every part has a unique color. If you interchange the color? Do you think they remember the shape and size of it?

If it’s a physics class, we have instruments like a pendulum, prism, tuning fork, magnets, etc. They show bar magnets. And say like unlike poles attract and like poles repel each other. So, we need to think that magnets are in the form of bars.

In the above classes, we need to see and remember what they are and how they work.
In the classes where teacher explaining us or self-study.
We refer textbook as it contains the black and white picture.
What you generally imagine?

In the English class, we may imagine any bird. It may be a pigeon, parrot, etc. It’s our imagination and, we can create this story in our vision.

In biology class, we struggle a lot with black and white pictures. But we still try to remember the structure of the plant cell and their names. We can differ from each organelle. Despite color, we try to remember the shape and size.

In the physics class, Instead of a digital class, we need to have a physics lab. So we can learn from it. In the bar-shaped magnet, we have the north and south poles. If it’s a ball magnet or an electromagnet, how can you find the difference in the digital class? In the lab, we can directly observe them and notice the changes.

Not only these classes, but we also have a chemistry class. Chemistry means the mixture of all chemicals. While adding some chemical substances to the test tube, we need to keep the test tube in a slanting position. And there will be a lot of differences while comparing digital and live classes.

Instead of digital classes, if we work carefully in the live classes. We can have a better idea of this while writing in the exam. It improves good imagination. It’s better to read a book instead of watching a film. It means While reading a book you can imagine your movie. While watching a movie, you are going through some other’s imagination.

If you compare digital learning with ordinary learning, you can easily find the loss of imagination in kids. I’ve seen a lot of kids addicted to this digital learning because of colorful pictures. In the future, they may face problems while reading books, because every book doesn’t a beautiful image or a film. Only imagination can fulfill this. So, try to imagine things instead of watching some other’s imagination. Miracles can do be done from your imagination.

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©2021, The Essence of you. All Rights Reserved.

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