Walk behind you..

Finally, finally,
You never know,
What I feel,
My words are silently,
Dying in front of you,
I know it’s hurting me,
But I’m okay,
I’m feeling okay,
I can’t forget easily,
All the happy memories,
Even everything disappears,
It is so painful,
But I won’t step ahead,
I still love to walk behind you.

-Prasanna Pala


We want to do something good for others,
But, It instead turns like bad to us,
We wish for something good,
But We were left like bad.

-Prasanna Pala

The middle man

The middle man,
In a lot of conversations and fights,
To solve those situations,
I met a couple like that,
A mediator couple,
Sitting in between a family,
To solve a family problem,
But the character of that couple,
Is unimaginable,
They are so-called backbiters,
They enjoy seeing disturbances and fights in the family,
I don’t know why this family called them mediators,
In the middle of the conversation with family,
A small argument raised like fire,
These mediators smiling,
And they started speaking softly,
Instead of pouring water into it,
They added petrol,
They moved the family members apart,
And settled in between them,
Like a friend of both enemies,
The mediators are happy,
They are enjoying this separation,
But the family is divided by trusting them,
Even anyone say the truth about the mediators,
The family is unable to trust them,
Because mediators are such manipulators,
Firstly, a family problem should be solved within it,
If they are inviting these kinds of mediators,
Instead of getting together, they will get divided.

-Prasanna Pala


Life is full of mixture,
I want to give it a texture,
A page of confusion,
More words of illusion,
Problems bring out anger,
Empty pockets of hunger,
Little things make me smile,
For other things, I cry for a while,
It’s fun,
Listening to someone,
Sometimes I clap,
Sometimes I take a nap,
Once I look well,
Suddenly I yell,
Cutely I enjoy,
Funnily I annoy,
When I’m insane,
I don’t explain,
Sometimes I break the rule,
Sometimes I act cool,
Little temper,
More helper,
Sometimes I look better,
Or I act bitter,
I am sweet,
I feel complete,
Sometimes I’m wrong,
Sometimes I stand strong,
Whatever it may be,
I’m always happy with me.

-Prasanna Pala

Demon in human

Today, In the early morning,
I saw a video of a parent hitting her child,
The pity kid was bleeding,
She is punching on the kid face,
That kid was two years old,
How can a mother beat her child to death,
To just let out the anger on her partner,
She showed it on the poor kid,
Not only this one,
A father killed his child,
Because of his reasons,
Somewhere I saw video,
Two people tortured their father,
To get his property,
They dragged him out of the house,
Treated him like an animal,
Few people threw out their parents,
Saying that they are for no use,
Slapping, beating, torturing,
They did a lot,
For the parents who showed them a way to live,
Now kids are feeling parents as a burden,
At some places, parents torturing kids,
And other Kids torturing parents,
In the world,
Many people crying,
That they don’t have parents,
Elders, kids to take care of them,
But here, People are cruel,
Killing, torturing, throwing their loved ones,
Out of the house,
If there are no loved ones around us,
Then what is a meaning for life?
How will these people get changed?
People are becoming demons day by day,
Very cruel towards everyone,
The world looks so scary and terrific.

-Prasanna Pala


When someone left us without a goodbye.

I still don’t know why,
I feel it’s a lie,
Always fooling around,
I’m falling on the ground,
I don’t know,
What made you so,
You moved away,
Life turned to grey,
Without a word,
You flew like a bird,
You can jump over everything,
To you, I’m just nothing,
It doesn’t matter If I cry,
When you went away without a goodbye.

-Prasanna Pala


I’m a lazy person,
I always delay my works,
If one month project,
I like to enjoy for half of the time,
And in the rest half, I work twice harder,
I’ll complete it within time,
But I never worked peacefully,
I think It’s okay,
I’m on my word,
Whatever I’ve done that,
In the last days, I work like,
A rope tied to my neck,
In the same way,
I thought about some work,
A sudden journey,
I went to a village,
So I felt,
I can go back,
To town in the evening,
And I can finish my work the whole night,
I stood at the bus top,
Waiting for the bus,
I came earlier than bus time,
Waiting for the bus,
I’m freaking out,
I stood there for 2 hours,
Maybe it will be late today,
People nearby said,
The bus will come within time,
Else it won’t arrive today,
You can catch the bus tomorrow morning,
It’s over. All my work is delayed,
I crossed my words,
We need to work earlier than time,
We can never know what time changes,
It turned my life upside-down,
From that day,
I never delayed my works,
Whatever it is,
I tried to complete it first,
And enjoy later.
Laziness is worst than a drug,
If we get addicted to it,
It’s very tough to get out of it.

-Prasanna Pala

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Way to victory


Your message

Thank you.


Come to me,
Close my eyes,
I will trust you,
Even I’m blind,
I’ll love you,
Even you are unkind,
World of many people,
But I can see only you.
Only you are my everything,
There are a lot of things,
I’m unable to say,
But I feel,
You can understand my silence.

-Prasanna Pala

My memory

Few sad days we don’t want to remember. We are unable to forget. We want to run away. We try to forget that, But the more it comes into our thoughts. These words represent what we feel remembering sad situations.

Go away,
Go far from my way,
I don’t want you,
I don’t hear you,
I have none,
To explain my situation,
I can’t change this one,
It’s not that easy,
Remembering this makes me crazy,
Crying alone in the dark,
Remembering this painful mark,
Scared of standing in front of spark,
That’s alright,
All I need is to fight,
With my memory to forget,
But it is poking me like a perfect target,
This pain,
Making me insane,
Even though this situation happened long ago,
But I feel like this happened a minute ago,
Remembering too much is also like hell,
What all we can do is hoping for days to get well.

-Prasanna Pala

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