If you have some to meet me,

Come to me slowly,

I was always waiting for you,

Cheerful Cheerfully,

I was running rushing down,

When I hear your voice,

I was smiling smiling lot,

Thinking of you now,

Anyways tomorrow,

I gonna see you again,

Don’t broke down into tears,

I will be with you all the time,

Smile and smile,

Smile and smile,

Don’t be a cry baby,

I know how much you missed me,

All the time baby,

Forget it forget it,

Finally we are together.

-Prasanna Pala


To me you’re a liar,

Your love disappear,

Don’t last even for year,

It left with a tear,

Nothing looks clear,

When you were near,

I was in fear,

You left me dear,

This pain is severe,

You are not sincere,

I smiled when you appear,

Now it’s my life don’t interfere.

-Prasanna Pala


There is no way,
There is no will,
Then how so called it life,
There is no smile,
There is no tear,
Then how can I move further,
How can I hold water,
How do I touch the air,
How do I feel color,
If nothing looks so right,
How can I reach the moon,
How do I count the stars,
How can I stop the rain,
How should stop the sadness in me like so,
My mind goes insane,
I feel pain again,
My tears gonna drain,
How will I remain?

-Prasanna Pala

Messed life.

It’s my heart accent,
To adore little things,
Caring something deep,
Ends up with agony,
Some look so simple,
I hold them to ample,
It hits like arrow,
Oh no! now it hurts,
Some are so awful,
Looks so terrible,
It makes me laugh,
Oh yeah! that’s so funny,
It’s my messed up life,
Basically, I’m bearing it,
Enormously, I’m loving it,
Hopefully, I’m trusting it,
Perfectly, I’m leading it.


Happy heart

Twisting and turning out,
Traveling little wave,
Whispering in,
Ocean of waves,
Half of my shadow,
Murmuring all day,
Sweet sounding affection,
Pretty on the shore,
Happy, sunny, carefree climate around,
Welcome, a pleasant change in fortune,
Expressing all our emotions,
Something that generates excitement,
Showing strong desire for attention,
This is so-called life,
This is so-called love,
This is expression of happy heart.

Prasanna Pala


Deep blue,
Deep blue ocean,
Hiding, sliding,
My emotion.

Want to move away wars,
I want to ride in the stars,
Fadeaway all the scars,
Travel to the Mars.

Classic and retro feelings,
Flying out of me,
Like bright butterflies,
Reflect twinkling eyes.

What comes the day after tomorrow,
The way that someone behaves,
A single piece of information,
A period of 24 hours.

What you have is present time,
The state of being Cool,
When you are hurt,
You can see the red liquid,
sent around the body by the heart.

The feeling of being certain,
Something exists true,
That express feeling,
being stubborn and refusing.

Renouncing a belief,
And enhancing power,
Forgot the awful experience,
Start tomorrow with eagerness.

-Prasanna Pala


Why don’t you step out,
When you know, it’s dark,
Hiding yourself in,
Will never let you out,
Without finding a way,
You can’t step out,
Even by knowing,
Don’t hide in now,
Just come out,
And be like before,
Come out of the dark,
You can do it,
Don’t hide in,
Because of someone,
Let your heart feel free now,
Just smile and move on,
Don’t hide in the dark,
When you are scared,
Darkness scares you more,
Then the thing it is,
Come out of the dark,
When you don’t like,
Let yourself out,
You just need it.

-Prasanna Pala

Change in life!

Say yes to new,
When you want change in life,
Nothing to worry,
It take some time,
We have to accept it,
We need to change ourselves,
Don’t make life too bored,
Get rid of the glue,
Try to come out of it,
See your life turning new,
Just come out of it,
You need it,
You have bring out your smile,
You have to think about it,
You can only change it,
You can do what you love.

-Prasanna Pala


Wake up like a daisy,
Start the day like a blazing star,
Hold your bleeding heart,
Laugh out loud like camellia,
Blink your eyes like poppy,
Like a lotus in mud,
Like a cactus in the sand,
Live your life like a colorful rose,
Some feel you like foxglove,
Some call you water hemlock,
Some feel you lavender,
Some call you hibiscus,
Crocus bloom in the snow,
Canna lily bloom in the sun,
But you need to bloom in every situation,
Don’t be delicate like Jacaranda,
Stay strong like Hydrangea,
You know what you are,
You always blossom like a flower.

-Prasanna Pala

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