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Wanna be you can be,
Wanna go you can go,
But when you turn back,
You can see me,
Still waiting for you.

-Prasanna Pala


Where are you now?
What are you doing now?
What is the thing?
Burning in edge of heart,
I’m in toxicity,
Filled with impurity,
Even a good words looks like venom,
I try to be cool,
I want to be good,
Things are turning like poision,
Words can solve few things,
Actions make other things,
Now it looks so dangerous,
I’m in my line,
I make things look fine,
Still make me feel like Oleander,
Beautiful pink out,
Toxicant ink in,
What should I say,
I’m in good things,
People feel toxins,
I feel like I’m living in toxicity,
Surrounded by impurity.

-Prasanna Pala

Its okay..

How could I define?

Something I don’t know,

When I have feelings,

Without a meaning,

It’s better to stay back,

Without talking,

Leave it like something,

Not with screaming,

Giving a smile,

Stopping tears in,

It’s okay for me,

It’s really so mean,

It’s really the pain,

I could have stop it,

From the day I know truth,

That is not easy,

What my heart felt.

-Prasanna Pala


It’s pretty hard,

To live like a princess,

In the prison,

So called castle,

World out of window,

Heart with a rainbow,

Nobody to see,

No one to talk,

All words filled books,

All tears in the room,

Silence in the world,

Struggling to go out,

Stopping all dreams in,

So called situations are,

Thunderstorms in the night,

Hailstones wanna fight,

Every where step back,

Every word stay calm,

Don’t have a feeling,

Something gonna be nothing.

-Prasanna Pala


You made my heart flutter,

I couldn’t stop further,

My heart is raising high,

I feel like about to die,

Just open your eyes,

Notice the things happening,

Around you and me,

You being so cool,

Don’t make my heart go crazy.

-Prasanna Pala


With lights in the dark,
With the smiles in sad,
Leading a happy life,
Like good in evil,
Like evil in the good,
Time always changes,
With a wish,
With hope,
We all move forward,
Small mistakes,
More intakes,
In this big world,
Shine like a tiny star.

-Prasanna Pala


Don’t step back,
Even you are scared,
Don’t run away,
Seeing the problems,
Don’t feel low,
When you got failed,
Don’t lose your hope,
When you worked for it,
Time always examines you,
To see your patience,
To make you strong,
Like a sudden surprise,
It will give,
What you wished.

-Prasanna Pala

The return..

The day my loved ones left me,
When I need them a most,
The feeling is miserable,
Even though days passed,
This pain is not easily forgotten,
But the day when they return for me,
Saying few words,
“Like they apologize,
And asking please don’t break our bond,
Because of unfavorable situations,
Let’s forget everything,
And get back to normal life.”
While hearing these words,
My eyes filled with tears,
I am unable to speak out any,
My heart filled with happiness,
It’s a most memorable feeling,
When you are true,
Then your loved ones will come to you.

-Prasanna Pala

A promise

A small promise to loved ones.

It’s over you,
To do what you wish for,
Maybe it’s because of you,
I’m trying to be silent,
It doesn’t mean I don’t care,
I’m obeying your decision,
Who am I to force you to be so,
I tried to suggest to you,
But I never pushed you,
To do whatever I say,
Even though you get succeeded or failed,
Remember that I will stand behind you,
Whatever it may be.

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