Oh no,
I’m exhausted,
I have only a few minutes to logout,
Hurray, I can take some rest,
Time is ticking so fast,
Wow, just ten minutes,
I’m so relieved,
Bang, Bang,
Power cut,
Oh no…..!
I’m about finish everything,
Work stopped,
No charging,
No Wi-Fi,
Not finished work,
Oh no…
My manager!!!
My team leader!!
I need to answer them,
Power came,
It’s playing hide and seek,
Ten minutes dragged to one hour,
Finally, the power came,
I need to answer them all,
I need to logout,
Ufff it is done,
Oh no, I’m tired,
Ahh… Not any more work,
I’m done, exhausted twice.


Work words..

This is a little poem from work words.

Life is irrelevant,
View is in poor quality,
Than what I thought and dreamt,
Where is my point of interest,
And where is my vicinity,
Happiness is unverified,
Then where am I tagged to?
Where is the life hiding?
Sadness is taking a selfie,
How should I label my life as no issue?

-Prasanna Pala

Suggest me..

I’m in Confusion,
I have two ways in front of me. What should I select? I want to go master’s, But all of a sudden, I got a job. I’ve applied for both. I thought I can get only one. A strange situation, a sudden surprise, I got two. I’m stuck in the situation. If I work here, I’ll get experience and promotion well. If I study, I can gain more knowledge, And Companies like to select a master’s degree over a bachelor’s degree. I’m a little confused What to select now? My father suggested me work here. My mom suggested me to go for the master’s.

Please suggest, a better idea to me in the comment box. I hope it will be very helpful to me.

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