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It’s an abrupt start, It broked my heart, Few people helped me, So, I trusted what I see, I felt tensed, I’m influenced, Even though I’m stressed, With them I felt blessed, I thought they were motivating me in good way, So, I followed them everyday, But I’m thinking, Why my patience is shrinking, Later … Continue reading Mistrust!

My Dream

I want to study abroad,Everyone scolding me don’t behave like fraud,It’s my dream,People commented on this extreme,Know your status,They are laughing at us,It’s tied with money,I’m unable to pay any,I don’t know why,Life examining me high,My heart saying you have to do,Society poking me, how can you,I wished for something,I’m left with nothing,I’m not a … Continue reading My Dream

Lost love

A painful art,Reflects the feelings in my heart,I’m always anxious,But I can’t express my sadness,All my prayers,Left me in this tears,How should feel,When there is no way to heal,You will never understand,Because you don’t even have time to stand,I want to spend time with you,But you just flew,No matter how hard I think,For you, my … Continue reading Lost love

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