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Are you my friend or enemy? What’s really you and me? You are like sun and moon, Mr.Hot Mr.Cool, Never ask what I feel, I’m scared to reveal, Sometimes you hold… Continue Reading →


There will be winter in warm heart, Can’t go every corner in the dark, Don’t go for me, Without me, Calling such a pain alone, Don’t wait for me, all along,… Continue Reading →


A single notification, you are my imagination, You are one I see, Always around me, Heart is all filled with you, Why don’t you text me, I’m seriously feeling ill, Waiting… Continue Reading →

Fake smile

To save someone, We fell into problems, They cleared, We stuck, Saying the truth, We put some headache, To solve it right, We bring more stress, It’s the punishment, For taking… Continue Reading →

Its okay..

How could I define? Something I don’t know, When I have feelings, Without a meaning, It’s better to stay back, Without talking, Leave it like something, Not with screaming, Giving a… Continue Reading →

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