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Spend some time for you,Spend a day with you,You are not a machine to,Work day and night,Finish work bit early,Have some fun and fight,You have some plans,You want some peace,Don’t let…


I love you,I think about you more,When you move away,I feel it to core,You are smiling,Seeing me from the corner,Your love behind,Make me feel warmer.-Prasanna Pala


A water drop sliding down the leaf,My heart is dropping all my grief,Look at you, you are falling on the knees,Where could your mind get the peace.-Prasanna Pala

Letter to me

I was the one, who cares me more,I was the one, who scolds me than,I see in mirror, I look so good,I see again and, Feel not good,I say to me,…

It’s a group

One like an introvert,One like an extrovert,Everyone are different,No friend bonds,No hangouts,Still its a group,Seeing other,Everyone are jealous,But nobody try,No positive words for plans,No comments for being close,Everything is a no,But…


I try live a peaceful life,I am into problem strife,Oh god why me,I can’t say try me,No matter what topic is,I fell in these kind of things,One thing I just told,Situation…

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