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Heart with nothing,It’s the cold season,I can see the alone star,In the deep blue sky,I can listen the pain,Crying near sea,Alone in war,Apart what you are.-Prasanna Pala

Not easy

It’s not easy,To be like someone wants you,It’s not pretty,When you can’t smile with you,It’s not so cool,When you try to be normal,That’s not at all you,If you change your character.-Prasanna…


Wanna be you can be,Wanna go you can go,But when you turn back,You can see me,Still waiting for you.-Prasanna Pala

Stranger thing

Just a stranger thing,Wanna come into your life,How can you try to trust,It’s nothing but a start,Being so innocent,People are rude over,Not try to trust any,Just stay in the border,Don’t worry…

Open book

I wanna be an open book,I wanna show you myself,I tore many pages in,To make you happy,I erase many words,To see your smile,I am hiding something,In the dark corner,Don’t try to…

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