I was alone all the time,
When I need you,
Then you lie to others,
You were with me every time,
You want praising’s,
You feel great,
In front of others,
Have you ever felt,
Your heart ever felt you lie,
Just for your praising’s,
You let someone down,
Just to become popular,
You manipulated sweetly,
Why don’t you feel,
Don’t you have a heart,
By making someone cry,
You are building a castle,
Of your lies,
At least one time,
Are you true to yourself,
By hurting or someone,
And lying like,
I hurt you back,
How do I trust you know?
You continued to be so,
You just want fame and name,
All you need is sympathy,
Your lies may give you that,
But not friends ever.

-Prasanna Pala


I don’t know you,
You don’t know me,
Now we are together,
By destiny,
You laugh at me,
I laugh at you,
We both had a lot of fun continuously,
You made me cry,
I made you cry,
It’s a story of us surprisingly,
Oh! me here,
You came near,
Even in the fights,
Even in the smiles,
You are always with me,
Even in pain,
Even in the gain,
You are my only friend.

-Prasanna Pala

Secret friend

Few lines about secret friends.

We all have friends who laugh, fight and spend time with us. Some friends come to us to teach us what life is. I’m happy that I got a friend who taught me about life. Not my childhood friend, don’t even know about me. Few weeks of friendship, he taught me everything.
Not by saying motivating me on everything. He asked few questions but in a different way.
Are you scared of being alone?
Do you trust easily?
What’s your happiness?
Why do you forgive so easily?
Why are you silent in the wrong situations?
I answered all of them in ” Yes, I’m scared. I trust easily but, what’s wrong with that. Happiness is between people who make others happy and make themselves happy. Forgiving the mistake is not a good thing. But I never trust them again. I don’t want to argue unnecessarily, I know that without my mistake I got scolding’s it hurts but I don’t know what to say”
He just smiled and said, “you are not matured”.
From the next day, we never talked to each other. Maybe that changed me. I never trusted anyone including him. Never find my happiness in some other smile. My smile depends on my hard work and my success. Silence is not an answer when I need to talk about it. And I did all this without any fear. He just asked questions. But for me, he turned my life from innocent to matured. Silent to arrogant. Scared to Dare and many more.

-Prasanna Pala

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