Hard work

I learned a lot,
I want to achieve something,
Day and night, I struggled for it,
Criticize, insults, rumors, failures,
A lot happened,
But nobody stood behind me,
I felt that situations made me strong,
But when I’m going to succeed,
The day or hour before it,
Few people appeared behind me,
Saying that they are my friends,
They trust me a lot,
I felt okay they trust me now,
I never asked them for help,
After my success,
The people who stood behind me,
Saying everyone that,
They are the only ones,
who stood behind my success,
Without them, I can’t even do a piece of work,
And their lies went too long,
All the credit belongs to them, and I stole it.
The people who heard these lies,
Poking me every time,
Saying that you should be thankful to them,
What you earned belong to them, not you,
You are such a cruel one who steals others hard work,
I worked,
I learned,
I did,
I cried,
I struggled,
I worried,
I got success,
But now what’s this?
Without seeing, without knowing, people poking me,
Saying that everything belongs to them,
The people who stood behind me,
Want to steal my hard work,
Only because I’m getting succeed,
If I failed,
They would never stand behind me,
And not even visible to my eyes,
Because they will get nothing standing behind me,
And even they say that I’m never a friend of her,
This is why trusting people is becoming hard for me,
I don’t like to ask a favor from any,
Whatever it is, I worked alone,
I struggled alone,
I succeed alone.
There’s nothing wrong with being alone,
Things happened in the past,
Without their hard work,
They blamed me,
So, I never let someone enter into my work,
I can do it all alone,
Alright, it’s a lesson,
Now don’t repeat it,
I work alone,
I enjoyed my success,
But a small thing making me sad is,
How can people steal others hard work,
Such cruelty with words,
Many people faced,
These kinds of situations,
The words that made us sad,
Never be taken back,
The pain is also never forgotten.

-Prasanna Pala

Life changed

Years passed,
People changed,
Secrets flashed,
Promises crashed,
Love trashed,
Haters laughed,
Rumors harassed,
Innocence blamed,
Kindness cursed.
Again foes waited,
New rumors created,
That day anger raised,
Everyone dispersed,
Problems immersed,
Sad days reversed,
Wounds nursed,
Heart cured,
hopes planted,
A new life started.

A wrong situation

Seeing you somewhere, people feel you made a mistake Because Eyes trust what they see. Without knowing the situation, people blame us. It’s a wrong place but, we are there to do something right.

If there is no way to prove that we are not wrong? how can we explain? Nobody is ready to trust us because everyone creates their imagination while seeing with their eyes.

If we try to explain the situation, they feel like it’s a story and, we are trying to convince them with a lie. Firstly, they are not ready to accept our words. We don’t know how to prove it. People start moving away from us.

This situation is faced by many. If a girl and a boy walking together, people start creating rumors. If any two are talking about some other’s love, everyone around feels like they were in relation. Few listen from the middle of a conversation and creates a new story and, they backbite with colleagues.

By listening to these rumors, people who like to be with you also move away. Everyone blames you.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When we trust a crook person. in the start they act like they are the best. They continue to be so for few weeks then after the true colors will be out.
Life becomes miserable, Every tiny mistake has seen with a magnifying glass, By abusing, they cackle around,
Always annoying and bickering around, embarrasses us all the time. Even though they treat us ill mannerly,
we should never gush out of that place.

If we behave angrily, they behave like innocent again. Hurting deeply from inside, we don’t even have a right to express feelings. Is this called friendship?

If a small mistake or a small fight, They try to explain the situation to a third person to be against us. Is this the way to gain fame and people? And in front of all, they fling all valuables so that people feel pity for them. What a fabulous idea? By hurting others, they maintain a grief look. Wow, fantastic!

For people like this, an excuse is also not applicable. They behave like they are innocent in front of us. But they bluff around whenever they change their mood. If we assume they were a spark in the dark. Then will light a bonfire in our heart. If we question anything about such behavior, they pluck us out from life.

We accept them to enter into our lives because we care for them. But they finally make us feel pity for ourselves.
If we imagine like with them life will be happy, Finally they immerse us into sorrow. Finally, we are enemies for them because we were maintaining a distance from them for their dishonest behavior. In this small time they just burgle all our friends.

-Prasanna Pala

What makes us sad?

Do you know what makes you sad?
The people around you, the society, what makes you sad?
Nothing and no one can make you sad. You are solely responsible. Rumors, criticizers are everywhere. Where ever you go, everyone tries to make fun of you. They want to disturb your happy life by complaining. But when you accept them, you will lose your patience.

A small example, I don’t have a smartphone at the time of my graduation. Everyone in my class owns a smartphone. Everyone started suggested me to buy a smartphone. Few people have costly phones show off in front. Even cousins make fun that you are unable to buy a smartphone.

I just smiled and replied, ” I will buy a smartphone with my salary.”
People try to criticize me about financial issues. I’m not worried at all. I don’t want to ask my parents to buy it for me. I don’t want to hurt them. They gave me a lot.

Without a smartphone, do you think I can’t complete my graduation? I have completed my graduation without a smartphone. I’ve got good grades. And I’m happy that even though everyone has more facilities than me. I still scored more than them. It’s an achievement to me.

That day I felt, Stay happy with what you have. Buy the things on your own, Make your parents feel proud, No need to impress society.

Never let society decide your life. Find your happiness in your things. Don’t get sad by the rumors.

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Invisible tears

I won’t cry anymore unnecessarily. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences. Many problems surrounding me don’t mean I failed. Every situation in my life makes me strong. Even though I’m right, I may get insulted. I feel no one is ready to accept my answer. Life is like a puzzle to solve and move on.

From my schooling, without my mistakes, I’m insulted in front of many. My haters created a lot of rumors around me. No one in the school spoke to me for week. I’m alone everywhere. Everyone talks about me and laughs behind me. Still, I’ve cried every night but never in front of any. Days passed few people came to me and started talking to me. Because they came to know those are all fake created by an idiot who hates me because I rejected his proposal.

The next one also happened in the school. I don’t know why my professor scolds me for everything. I still remember the day our professor started scolding me in front of the whole class that I’m not studying. He shouted at me that I scored less. While distributing answer sheets, he gave me some other answer sheet and said, “see your marks”. I replied, “this is not my paper!” He just smiled and gave me my answer sheet and, I scored 9 out of 10. Some other girl got 6 out of 10 and, I got scolding’s for 15 minutes unnecessarily. And after knowing the truth, he told her, “no problem, try better next time” Now, what’s this to me. Why this happened to me. Next time he scolded me that I wrote answers in my way instead of writing as given in the book. I don’t know how to write the exact from the book. I write answers in simple sentences. Even though some others score 60 and I score 75, he still scolds me that I’m an underachieving student.

I went to my mom and said these things happen to me in my school. I want to change school. I don’t want to go there anymore. My mom said, ” cry if you made any mistake. Go away if you are afraid.” After that, I studied in the same school. I cried many days because of these situations but not in front of them. After few days, I learned not to waste my tears. Staying alone gives you more strength than being in a group. So I made my tears invisible. I still stood up there and studied well for my career. No matter what I don’t want to cry for some other mistakes and foolish rumors.

-Prasanna Pala

©2021, The Essence of you. All Rights Reserved.

Do rumors change a life?

This is the first problem faced by introverts. But a small rumor about them changes everything. Even friends can’t help this situation sometimes. They start moving away from you.
Staying alone in these situations makes you strong and bold.
Without your mistake never let your tears dropdown. Else it makes people think that you did a mistake and you are crying for it.
Never try to run away from these situations. It suffers a lot. But still, you need to stand between them and prove that it’s a wrong statement. It may take time. Work hard for your career. Never try to impress the people around.
Never argue with an idiot to prove you are right. We know clouds might hide the sun but the light still finds its way.

-Prasanna Pala

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©2021, The Essence of you. All Rights Reserved.

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